Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher: 

In our An Phuoc - Pierre Cardin boutique shops, you can use the "Gift Voucher" to exchange for our quality, fashion products, or use 
“Gift Voucher” as a gift for relatives, family, friends, customers during holidays season such as New Year, Birthday, Anniversary.

By using our “Gift Voucher” which starts with the denomination of $200,000 VND to unlimited amount, you give respect, freedom to 
spend to your relatives, friends, customers at our An Phuoc - Pierre Cardin boutique shops. You can assure your relatives, family, 
friends, or partners will find his/her suitable products with our dedicated service in a modern, luxury boutique shops.

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VIP Card:

An Phuoc Co., Ltd always pay our respect to the contribution of customers whom always trust, and frequently use our quality fashion
products at An Phuoc - Pierre Cardin boutique shops.

With our wish to thank our customers whom always put their trust and companion ship with our brand An Phuoc, and Pierre Cardin,
we issue our customers service program "Loyalty VIP card”. When qualified, our customers automatically receive 05 % discount on
the total invoice value as payment in our An Phuoc - Pierre Cardin boutique shops nationwide.

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