Online Shopping

At An Phuoc website, here is our guide to help our customer to purchases products quickly and smoothly. 

Step 1:

The items are classified by Categories. For example, there is category for Men, Women and Children. On each category, there will be types of products 
such as: Suit, Jacket, Shirt, Trousers, Jeans, Short, Neck-tie, hat, shoes, socks, belt, wallet, etc. 

Step 2:

After choosing the category, please click, and browse the products. If you want to see more information about the interesting product, please double 
click on the product to view detail information such as enlarging the product image, price, sizes. When you decide to purchase, please click on 
the button [Add to Cart] to place product into your cart.

Step 3:
When product selected, the cart will list the items on the basket prior to the payment step.

Step 4:
If you wish to continue to choose other items, please click [Continue] to browse. If not, please select [Payment]. 

In case you already have your username and password provided by An Phuoc by registering prior, please enter your username and password into 
the login page. If you are a new customer , and account is not registered, please register a new account.

Once account registration is completed, you can review your order, and fill correct information about the delivery and payment. After pressing 
the [Payment] button completes, An Phuoc will notify by sending email to confirm your order is recorded. Please wait for us to delivery in the shortest time.